What’s in a Name?

For a few months last year, we were struggling with deciding on a new name for our program. This is something that we have taken very seriously and it is with great pride that we announced the official name change to Mizzou Alternative Breaks. While the change may seem small, we feel it’s huge. This is because we have outgrown Mizzou Alternative Spring Break, we no longer send only spring trips. In 2011, we sent our first international trip over Winter Break. Fast forward to 2013-2014 and we had already sent 17 trips before Spring Break hit.

Our new name reflects our new identity. We are not just spring breakers or winter breakers, we are alternative breakers – no matter when the trip happens. We have finally gotten to a point that we can say, “I went on an Alternative Break.” That break could have been over winter, spring, thanksgiving, or a weekend. In the future it could have been over the summer. Regardless of when a student goes on a trip they are representing a Movement that is not dedicated solely to the spring.

Mizzou ASB served us well for 22 years, and we hope that MAB (or Mizzou Breaks) serves us well for many more. Thank you to everyone who has supported us through the years and we’ll see you on break, after all we are Alternative Breakers.