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Follow Our Trips

The Blog

The first way to follow our trips is our blog. Each trip sends in updates from time to time while at their service location. These blog posts serve as a way that people not on the trip can follow along, but also as a reflection for the participants each night. There are a few exceptions, for instance a site may be in such a remote area where there is no internet or they may be having such a great time that the forget to blog one night. Click the link below to read about their adventures!

You can access our full blog at


The second way to follow along is through Twitter. Trips have created their own twitter accounts and we have put them all in one place. You can go to to quickly see what trips are doing in 140 characters at one time. Follow us on Twitter.

Please note that all blog posts and tweets are composed by students and opinions expressed through these forums represent student’s views and not those of the University of Missouri.