Alternative Break Policies

Teamwork makes the dream work! Two students paint in a creative way on a 2014 trip to Charleston, SC.

Below are a few of the Alternative Breaks Policies and Regulations. For more information about how we operate, check out our About Us and Information for Parents pages.

  • Students with violent arrests, including but not limited to, assault, aggravated assault, sexual assault, rape and domestic violence, are not permitted to go on an AB Trip, regardless of when these offences occurred
  • Students who have failed to comply with the Student Conduct office are not permitted to go on an MAB Trip
  • Students who are currently on Conduct probation are allowed on an MAB Trip if they do not fall under the above categories, however students are subject to removed from a trip if they are found to have violated any of the M-Book policies between their selection and the trip’s departure
  • Any students who are arrested or ticketed for serious offenses (MIP, DWI, DUI, etc) between selection and the trips’ departure must report the offense to the MAB Advisor within 48 hours or removal from the trip may occur
  • Students with DWI or DUIs will not be permitted to drive any university or rented vehicle
  • Students who are on Academic Probation will not be allowed to attend Alternative Breaks.
  • The Alternative Breaks Executive Board has the right to deny students the ability to go on a trip if we feel that person could be a physical or psychological threat to others
  • MAB participants are expected to remain substance-free while participating in the program, regardless of age
  • All MAB participants are required to follow and adhere to all M-Book Standards and are considered representatives of the University of Missouri, the Department of Student Life, and the Center for Leadership & Service