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This map represents our trips from 2011-present. Click on a cluster to zoom into that area.

adaptive skiing
Adaptive Skiing
MAB Map Marker-Animals
MAB Map Marker-Disability
MAB Map Marker-Disaster
Disaster Relief
MAB Map Marker-Education
MAB Map Marker-Environment
Environmental Issues
MAB Map Marker-Habitat
Habitat for Humanity
MAB Map Marker-Health
MAB Map Marker-Homelessness
Homelessness & Poverty
indigenous peoples
Indigenous Peoples
MAB Map Marker-LGBTQ
LGBTQ Advocacy
Refugee and Immigration Services
MAB Map Marker-Women
Women's Advocacy
MAB Map Marker-Children
Youth Empowerment

Welcome to Mizzou Alternative Breaks

Founded in 1991, Mizzou Alternative Breaks (MAB) sends groups of around twelve students on trips around the country over weekend, Thanksgiving, spring, summer, and winter breaks to volunteer at various places in need. MAB is a proud founding member of theĀ SEC Compact.

Each of our trips falls within a service focus based on the communal matter that we hope to address through our service. We currently have 14 service focuses that we hope to address through our service. Although each trip has a primary focus, many of our trips are extremely inter-sectional, meaning, they encompass multiple issues outside of their primary focus. We understand that social issues do not exist within a vacuum, and we strive to understand the ways multiple factors can influence the circumstances of those who we serve in order to provide the best service possible.

Our service is guided by our 7 principles. Our primary principle being “Serve, don’t help”. We understand that, as volunteers, we are in a community to serve in whatever way our hosts want us to, not in the ways we think they need us to. We are not saviors, we are merely there to assist in whatever capacity we are told is needed most.