Site Leader Resources

Service Partner Database:

MAB has an online tool for site leaders to find service partners from previous years. The link below will redirect you to MAB’s database. Using the database, site leaders have the option to search for service partners by service focus or keyword. Each result includes contact information for the service partner site as well as reviews from former site leaders (read reviews by clicking “view”). To view additional results click on next page on the far right hand side of the page. Please keep in mind that this tool has been developed to help site leaders connect with already established service partners. However, site leaders are not limited to serving with former MAB partners. There are many organizations across the US within your service focus, feel free to expand your search to find future partners!

Former Service Partners

Housing Partner Database:

The Housing Partner page gives sites leaders the option to search for former housing sites by keyword, city, or state. Again, by clicking “view” you can read housing reviews from former site leaders. Click on next page or change viewing settings to see all results.

Former Housing Partners

Educational Resources by Service Focus:

In need of educational resources for your pre-trip meetings? This database contains great resources for all service focuses. Site leaders can use this educational resource database to search for resources by service focus. Site leaders can also narrow their search by selecting the source they are looking for (Ted Talk, podcast, articles, etc.). Each result provides you with a description and link to the resource. If you find a great resource you would like to share with other site leaders, fill out the new resource form using the same link!

Educational Resources

Service Site Agreement Form

This is a voluntary partnership form that is completed by the site leader and the service site to outline to goals and activities for the week or weekend of service.

Service Site Partnership and Plan

Lodging Agreement Form

The University of Missouri requires that all payments for housing have an agreement in place before a payment can be made. This document is a standard housing agreement between Mizzou Alternative Breaks (represented by the Curators of the University of Missouri) and a housing provider. The lodging agreement must be submitted 45 days in advance of your trip using the payment request form on Engage.

Alt Breaks Lodging Agreement 2019-2020