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Spring Weekend Applications

Applications for spring weekend trips are open NOW! Trips are March 9th through the 11th. Weekend trips are an awesome time to travel to various Missouri counties and to give back directly to our local communities. Don’t say “I’ll just apply next year…” the time is now! Apply for a weekend of MAB that can turn into a lifetime of impactful service and friendship. Click below to apply.

Spring Weekend Application

Are you interested in learning more about Mizzou Alternative Breaks? Simply fill out this form so that we can contact you with more information and updates as our applications open throughout the year! Our applications for our fall weekend, Thanksgiving, winter, international, summer, and spring weekend seasons are now closed.

General Interest Form

The Students of Mizzou Alternative Breaks

Every person who goes on a Mizzou Alternative Break trip is a Mizzou student. The typical trip is 10 participants with 2 student site leaders. All participants and site leaders have to apply at various times during the year because of the high demand. In 2010, we sent 88 students on trips. Flash forward to 2015 and that number jumped to more than 1,800 students. Even though we sent so many  trips we still had 2,400 applications for those 1,800 spots. There are two different ways to become involved in Mizzou Alternative Breaks and go on one of our trips: as a participant or as a site leader.


The primary way to go on a trip is as a participant. These students attend meetings planned by their site leaders in preparation for their trip and then jump in vans or planes the Friday that Break starts to travel to a site and serve with a community partner. Service focuses range from environmental to education to health.

MAB trip is Slick Rock, CO

MAB trip in Slick Rock, CO

Site Leaders

If you are looking to lead a trip, we call those students Site Leaders. These students work with another student to plan all aspects of an MAB trip, everything from service to housing to facilitating and leading reflections. They then lead a group of Mizzou students on the trips they have spent the past months planning. Applications for Site Leader comes out in April.

MAB Site Leaders in Nicaragua

Commitment to Accessibility

MU and Mizzou Alternative Breaks are committed to campus wide accessibility in its programs and events. Request for accommodations related to disability can be made to Sarah Edwards the Coordinator of Service for Mizzou Alternative Breaks at

The Various Breaks

Weekend Trips

In 2014, MAB introduced weekend trips for the first time. These trips serve in Missouri, leaving on a Friday and returning on Sunday. They are cheaper than the week long trips and are a great way to learn more about issues firsthand without leaving Missouri. Most of our weekend trips work with MU Extension to serve Missouri counties. You can read about our work with MU Extension here.


Academic Departments, Greek Organizations, or Student Organizations on campus can lead Fall and Spring Weekend partnership trips with MAB. Groups of 6 or 12 people (including 2 site leaders per trip) register for a partnership trip as a group together, rather than sending in individual applications. Partnership trip participants and site leaders are selected within their organization. Partnership trips are a great way for any organization on campus to bond over service. To join MAB as a partnership trip, please complete our OrgSync form here and we will contact you regarding your partnership application.


October 27-29, 2017
March 9-11, 2018


Participants: Applications are open August 21st-September 4th for Fall Weekend trips and in January for Spring Weekend trips.
Partnerships: Partnership trip registration is open August 21st-September 4th for Fall Weekend trips. Check back for more information on Spring Weekend partnership trip registration.
Site Leaders: Open in April for the following year.


Participants: $100
Site Leaders: $50

Week-Long Trips

Our week-long trips give participants real-world application to classwork while educating them firsthand on the issues they are working with. These trips go all over the United States- including Montana, South Dakota, New York, and Arizona.


November 17-26, 2017 (Thanksgiving Break)
January 5-14, 2018 (Winter Break)
March 23-April 1, 2018 (Spring Break)


Participants: Participant applications open August 21st for Thanksgiving trips, September 8th for winter trips, and September 27th for spring trips.
Site Leaders: Open in April for the following year.


Participants: $200
Site Leaders: $100
Need based scholarships available.

Summer Trips

These trips are a great way to end your school year. The summer trips are 10 days long to allow for traveling to service sites that MAB cannot make it to during a week long break. They cost $300 per student and scholarships are available.


May 13-22, 2018


Participants: Participant applications open in January.
Site Leaders: Open in April for the following year.


Participants: $300
Site Leaders: $150
Need based scholarships available.

International Trips

We offer multiple international trips to Nicaragua and the Dominican Republic. These trips teach children English in an immersion setting through Outreach 360 – a great service organization based in these countries. Costs vary per year.


January 6-January 13, 2018 (Winter Break)
March 23-April 1, 2018 (Spring Break)
May 18-26, 2018 (Summer Break)


Participants: Participant applications are open September 11th to September 24th.
Site Leaders: Open in April for the following year.


Participants: Cost varies

Upcoming Application Deadlines & Dates