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This year, MAB will be offering CoMO Weekends of Service, a CoMo Spring Break of Service, and Hometown Experiences during academic breaks. MAB’s service experiences are an awesome opportunity to serve various communities in need alongside other Mizzou students. Each experience has a service focus ranging from Habitat for Humanity to Animals and Indigenous People to Health. Typically, MAB has weekend, five day, and week-long trip options with weekend trips serving throughout the state and week-long trips serving across the U.S. and abroad.

However, during these unprecedented times, many things have changed, including how MAB will Get Out and Give Back. Although the trip structure will look different, MAB’s mission hasn’t changed. MAB is still a service program designed to cultivate active citizenship through service experiences. 

Check out our video below to learn more about serving with MAB this year!

If you are interested in learning more about MAB and all of our service experiences, fill out this form. We will contact you with more information and an update when your trip of interest opens applications!

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MAB Site Leader Opportunities

Ready to plan and lead your next MAB experience? MAB Site Leader applications are now open! Being an MAB Site Leader is great for leadership development. Site leaders work in pairs to plan and lead every aspect of the MAB experience for their participants. Applications are now open to site leader for MAB’s CoMO Weekend of Service and CoMo Spring Break of Service in spring 2021.

Site Leader Application

Bring it Home 2020 Service Opportunities

This fall, Mizzou Alternative Breaks is focusing its efforts to serve our Columbia community and our students’ home communities. We recognize that Covid-19 has amplified needs across all communities, and we will continue to Serve, Don’t Help in whatever capacity we can both here in CoMo as well as our student's home communities.  MAB participants can choose to be a part of a CoMo Weekend of Service, Spring Break of Service (March 2021), Stop & Serve Weekend (May 2021), or a Hometown Experience (or both!).

CoMo Weekend of Service

MAB’s weekend trips will take place during the weekends of March 12-14 and May 7-9 in Columbia. Each weekend trip will have a service focus and will serve with one or more local organizations within that focus. Weekend trips will serve around seven hours during their CoMo Weekend of Service.

Weekend Trip Application

Partnership Opportunities

Partnership trips allow a group of students, such as a student organization, sorority or fraternity chapter, or academic area, to plan a trip and select participants all from their own group! Participating in a partnership trip is a great way for groups to bond while getting out and giving back to Missouri communities. Spring weekend partnership trips will go out March 12-14 and registration is open now at the link below.

Partnership Trip Registration

Students in Salt Lake City serving on a Refugee and Immigration Advocacy Trip.
Students in Salt Lake City serving on a Refugee and Immigration Advocacy Trip.


Hometown Experiences

Thanksgiving and winter break trips will still take place during their planned week; however, the trips will be hometown based. Prior to the academic break, each trip will serve together at least once within Columbia. Then, during the week of the Hometown Experience, participants will simultaneously be out serving in their own community. Site leaders will do a morning motivational check-in with their group to get the day going and host a virtual reflection each evening.

MAB will host a virtual kickoff event for all participants and site leaders on your season’s departure day, as well as a virtual post-trip reunion at the end of the week. There will also be optional virtual educational sessions throughout the week hosted by MAB, such as a panel of community leaders, service focus experts, and more. Home community is being defined as wherever a student will be staying during the week of their academic break.  

Select a service focus and apply for Thanksgiving and/or Winter Break Hometown Experiences on the same application:

Hometown Trip Application

Four spring site leaders celebrating their accomplishments at our annual Site Leader Celebration.
Four spring site leaders celebrating their accomplishments at our annual Site Leader Celebration.


Commitment to Accessibility

MU and Mizzou Alternative Breaks are committed to campus wide accessibility in its programs and events. Questions regarding accommodations or request for accommodations related to disability can be made to Sarah Edwards the Coordinator of Service for Mizzou Alternative Breaks at Please do not hesitate to reach out with any questions you have.

Additional Information

Ready to Get Out and Give Back with MAB this fall? Before applying, please check out the additional information below to learn more about our CoMo Weekend of Service and Hometown Experiences! If you have any additional questions or concerns, please contact us.

Is there a fee to participate?

No, there will not be a participant fee this year. We recognize that Covid-19 has had significant economic impacts and students may already be facing increased financial stressors as a result. We also recognize that it would be difficult to fundraise this year given the economic impact of Covid-19. To keep these service experiences financially accessible, there will not be a participant fee this year. MAB will not be able to pay for any service site materials or service fees, including background checks. Groups are encouraged to find free service. MAB is not coordinating fundraising efforts this year.

Will transportation and meals be provided?

MAB will not be able to provide transportation or meals this year as MAB experiences are going to be at no cost to students. Since MAB is a self-funded program, this means MAB will not have income to cover expenses and will need to run cost-free programming this year. Groups will need to arrange their own carpools to and from their service site in Columbia and all participants will complete an MAB waiver, which includes that transportation is not provided directly by MAB. While serving in your home communities, each student will need to choose service that works with their transportation situation. Students will be encouraged to bring their water bottle and snacks. We encourage site leaders to plan service in Columbia for before or after meal times to account for meals on your own.

Will I meet with my trip before our weekend or week of service?

Yes, once site leaders select participants they will be expected to meet as a group at least four times before the weekend or week of their trip. Participant meetings are important for group bonding and pre-service education. Groups will also use these times to learn about their service focus and plan for and complete their Columbia service project. Participant meetings are encouraged to be virtual to reduce in-person contact.

What will the CoMo Weekend of Service look like?

MAB will host a virtual kickoff event on Friday, November 6 in the late afternoon. Each trip will have a service focus and will serve with one or more organizations around Columbia over the weekend for a minimum of seven hours of service. For example, a weekend trip might serve with both the Habitat for Humanity Restore and one of the Habitat home construction sites during their weekend of service. The times that your group participates in service will depend on the community organizations you are serving with. Each group will have a reflection after their service. MAB will host a virtual post-trip reunion event within two weeks of the weekend of service.

What will the MAB Hometown Experience look like?

This will largely depend on each student’s service and home community. We encourage every participant to find at least three hours of service a day during their break. Participants will be encouraged to find service within their chosen service focus, but may serve with any organization(s) of choice in their hometown. Thanksgiving breaks are traditionally three days of service and winter break five days. Site leaders will be responsible for kicking off each day with their participants and ending each day with a virtual reflection. MAB will also host a virtual kickoff event at the start of the week and a post-trip reunion at the end of the week. There will be option virtual sessions participants can join on different days, such as a panel with community leaders, national service panel, and more. Site leaders will provide participants will guidance and resources for finding service in their home communities.

Can I serve with other Mizzou students who live in my home community?

Absolutely! During the Hometown Experiences, participants who are from the same hometowns can meet up and serve together during the break as long as social distancing is practiced while serving. Participants can also bring a friend or family member to serve with them during their as long as it is approved by the host organization. There is also the possibility of connecting students to MU Extension within Missouri and/or alumni chapters in their hometowns. We will encourage participants who are from areas where MAB has served in the past to consider serving with our former community partners where available.

What will MAB group sizes be this year?

Group sizes will range from 6-12 students based on the number of applications received.

What Covid-19 prevention guidelines will MAB be implementing?

We strongly encourage all participants to select service sites that can be done outside or in smaller groups of people to practice social distancing. In addition, all participants are required to wear face coverings if traveling in carpools to and from their service site and while serving. We encourage all participant meetings to be held virtually to reduce in-person contact. All participants will be expected to follow University guidelines outlined in the Show Me Renewal Plan.

When will MAB group travel resume?