About Alternative Breaks

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What is MAB?

Mizzou Alternative Breaks is a student-led program on the campus of the University of Missouri that sends groups of 12 students across the country over spring, winter, and weekend breaks to work on various service issues. The group is completely student-led from a Board of Directors who make decisions to the site leaders who actually lead the students to their sites. Every participant is also a Mizzou student. For more information that parents might find helpful, please visit our Parent Information Page. For additional questions, visit our FAQ page.

How is it funded?

Students pay an upfront fee which covers a portion of the trips. The majority of the funding comes from fundraising efforts of each student.

When are the trips?

Trips leave throughout the year. We offer spring, winter, Thanksgiving, and weekend trips currently. We hope to add summer in the near future. Most trips leave on a Friday and return on a Sunday.

Our Mission

Mizzou Alternative Breaks provides students the unique opportunity to gain a wider perspective of the world while immersed in a life-changing week of service to people and communities around the world. As an organization, we aim to influence all Mizzou students, who will soon be leaders and supporters of our future as a global community. Through service, leadership and the development of lasting relationships, MAB aims to provide students with an experience that offers them the seeds to grow into active and united citizens. By igniting a passion for service in this generation, MAB promotes the idea that grassroots service is something greater than a week or an event – it is a MOVEMENT that starts with caring about the people around you and the community that brings you together.

Our Principles

MAB has seven principles that drive our program. All of our trips focus on these seven areas and we take them very seriously. For example, every participant goes to a community to selflessly serve them, not to simply help. We feel that “helping” is more about the person who is trying to help instead of about other people or issues. We are not saviors, we are not going to change the world in one week. Instead we are going to serve communities by providing services that they have requested from us. While that may not change the world, hopefully it will change someone’s.

Click any of our seven principles to read more about them:

  • Serve Don’t Help
  • Communicate Love
  • This Is It
  • Unplug
  • Be Gumby
  • Poco A Poco
  • Bring It Home

Where do the trips go?

MAB trips go all across the country. The map below shows some of the places MAB has gone in the past:

Yellow Pins: 2013 | Teal Pins: 2012 | Green Pins: 2011 | Red Pins: 2005-2010

View where Mizzou Alternative Breaks has been in a larger map

In the News

I don’t know if you know this, but we’re a pretty big deal… Every year MAB seems to make the paper. Below are some of the news articles written about us.