Welcome to Mizzou Alternative Breaks

Founded in 1991, Mizzou Alternative Breaks (MAB) sends groups of around twelve students on trips around the country over weekend, Thanksgiving, spring, and winter breaks to volunteer at various places in need. MAB is a proud founding member of the SEC Compact.

In the past, we have gone to Jacksonville, FL; New York, NY; Slick Rock, CO; South Padre, TX; Philadelphia, PA; Boston, MA; and more! Our trips have addressed issues such as HIV/AIDS, the degradation of the environment, urban poverty, education, cancer, as well as physical and mental disabilities.

We are guided by our 7 principles, the primary of which is “Serve, Don’t Help.” We are not saviors and we do not try to be one. Instead we go to selflessly and humbly serve a community by doing service that they ask of us. Along the way we hope our students learn more about the issues the community is dealing with and more about themselves.


We’re trying to keep the cost of our trips low to students. Fundraising makes that happen. Donations will be used to provide need-based scholarships to students going on a MAB trip.
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All applications for our week long trips have closed. Spring weekend trip apps will open in Feb. We also have an interest form that you can complete and we will notify you when apps open.
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