Two students serving at the Houston Food Bank in March of 2018.
Two students serving at the Houston Food Bank in March of 2018.

Don’t just take our word about how awesome MAB is, just listen to what these students say. The following are excepts from blog posts, written by MABers on their trip. Read more information on the impact of MAB.

“When you spend every waking moment with a group of people, you generally start to get sick of them. If spending a week together wasn’t going to be enough, the 17-hour drive back home was bound to do us in. But it never happened. When we parted ways on our arrival to Columbia, I felt a sense of emptiness, not one of relief.”

“Mizzou Alternative Breaks is so much more than just the persistent hilarity interrupted only by seconds, bonding through our attempts to overcome whatever problems might arise, or intellectual discussions common amongst university students. [MAB] is an opportunity to expand our comfort zone and temporarily escape our usual cliques back home. It’s a chance to enjoy doing something different, take a break from the monotony that is a semester in college and build lasting relationships with our peers.”

“This trip is going to truly affect how I spend the rest of my years. I feel as though I am a lot more ready to take upon the challenges of what lies ahead.”

“I truly regret not knowing about [MAB] prior to this school year. I would trade all my past spring break trips to be able to do this one more time or to remember past [MAB] trips that, regrettably, never happened.”

“One thing I’m taking with me is the importance of human relations wherever you are. When times reasonably are good it’s easy to get caught up in our own individualism, and to turn our backs on others that are struggling.”

“Do an Alternative Break trip at least once. Trust me, it will be one of the best things you do during your time here. It changes lives in ways you’d never expect — one of my fellow ASB-ers was so deeply affected by our time there she moved back after graduation.”

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